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The Relax Far Infrared Sauna Deserves The #1 Best Sales Rank Title!


ONLY Sauna Using FDA APPROVED And PATENTED Components!

ONLY Sauna Proven To Instantly Deeply Resonate With Your Own Body Water!

ONLY Sauna which Seriously and Easily Assists You To DETOXIFY and OXYGENATE!

ONLY Sauna Company That Easily PROVES ALL OUR Statements!

FedEx shipped from Taiwan to the UK for 262.50

relax far infrared sauna
The Relax Sauna


Caution! Our FIR patented and FDA approved Relax Sauna components are uniquely & technically FAR superior to all other saunas that - when judged by their photo alone - deceptively look exactly the same as ours!

Our portable or permanent Relax sauna uses the same FDA approved superior components that are found in our SkyEye device. Relax Saunas are the only saunas that can and do produce ONLY the purest of body matched far infrared FIR frequencies, and suprisingly produce our pure FIR frequencies at a rate DOUBLE that of those generated by ANY other sauna! Our Relax Saunas are the only saunas that can use our patented FIR technologies.   The Quality of our technical materials employed - like our silver impregnated reflective insulation used throughout to help achieve and maintain correct natural perfect body water resonance. Our combinations of such quality creates the Gold Standard in our industry, and is totally worth it! Especially at this discounted price, no matter what the prices or look-alike images of both the lower and higher priced yet still inferior saunas are. If it's really results you are after, notice in the videos that many customers with overpriced for their results wood units have switched to our saunas, and they now rave about the superior results they obain through using ours instead.

Please remember our Relax FIR Saunas are the only far infrared sauna that totally outclass every regular sauna, every near infrared sauna, every medium infared sauna, every far infrared sauna, every far infrared sauna tent, every far infrared sauna heater, every wooden infrared sauna, and every far infrared sauna room with our exclusive patented and FDA approved safe ceramic, semi-conductor chips. Our chips are the only infrared generators that filter out the non-healing light rays that all the other brands produce, so that you can totally absorb the doubled healing of our pure far infrared rays of 4-14 microns, and not have to resist any other energies! And it's all while enjoying bathing in LESS EMF than when using a cellphone.

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"I can't tell you how much difference the RELAX Far Infrared sauna has made. I feel years younger in 4 weeks of using. 80% or more of my Lyme symptoms are gone. My skin is amazing (a great side effect and I have the skin waters). I've cut my sleep need by 4 or 5 hrs. (chronic fatigue symptoms from Lyme), feeling real relief from the inner scars from internal work years ago that has always bothered me.

...I’m just thrilled. I’ve met 3 other people who bought the Relax sauna for Lyme. One has [an inferior] wood infrared but it didn’t do the therapeutic job that the Relax Sauna does.

I've been working on old scars and wounds. I keep being more and more impressed and after trying several dozen infrared devices I was already sold on these. Using one consistently has been a life changer." - TM, NY"

Relax Sauna radiators
The Relax Sauna radiators

Unlike ANY other sauna on the market

Relax Saunas far infrared (FIR) sauna is the only sauna that generates pure FIR light energy while filtering out 98% of any of the frequencies coming from ALL other inferior saunas. Those other brands emit frequencies that are opposed to our body’s required and necessary natural pure FIR life energy frequencies.

Relax Saunas’ purest FIR energy parallels Nature by first frequency locking into resonance with our life water. Then it vibrates our body water using a perfect specific set of natural frequencies to cause atomically spinning micro vortexes to rotate our body’s own core water molecules (that all living things are made of) and the vortexes produces FIR heat from inside ourselves.

These natural spinning water vortexes (a la Viktor Schaumberger - anti-gravity inventor) safely generate heat from inside our water cores. This heat instantly and safely radiates from our deepest core out to our skin and pushes out many toxins that we have scientifically identified along with it.

Relax Sauna’s special FIR-friendly reflective material interior further allows your body to naturally absorb the invisible frequencies laser-like bouncing around inside the walls of our saunas. Our hidden in plain sight super advanced life friendly sauna technology is easily outclassing all other poorly designed brands. Especially including the super expensive wooden saunas.

The resonating, vibrating, and rotating of our inner water molecules happens so fast that we do not have to wait. These micro vortexes safely heat up our inside core and that feels exactly like being hugged by grandma’s love. A fast and superior deep detoxing and oxygenating sweat is experienced by all the happy Relax FIR sauna users.

SAVE You can learn more and order a Relax Sauna here. Use the code "pia" to save $100. Or save approximately £75 (rates fluctuate) if ordering from UK.

What makes the Relax Sauna unique?

  • Heats up fastest
  • Pure far infrared in the 4-14 micron range
  • Resonates with water molecules in the body
  • Reach a higher core temperature, faster
  • Contains the same components that are in FDA approved medical grade far infrared lamp
  • Low EMF near the body
  • Portable
  • Built to last for years
  • Unlike other brands, Relax Saunas are equipped with instant-on FIR heat generators, allowing you to enjoy a full treatment in only 20 minutes.

Try the Relax Sauna risk free for 30 days

If you aren't 100% satisfied you can return it for a refund, minus return shipping and $100 restock fee.

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Our highly trained expert support personnel are standing by

Relax Saunas are officially approved by Mr. Oxygen, Ed McCabe, bestselling author of the Oxygen Therapies,a New Way of Approaching Disease and Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Therapy for Our Polluted World.

His other books, tapes and videos can be found at

Good luck enjoying your Relax Sauna.  Rest assured, you can right here right now purchase the highest quality and most effective Far Infrared Sauna in the world today.

Sample FREE videos and instructional materials explaining how Relax Saunas can help you detox toxins - including heavy metals - and increase your own Active Oxygen, are accessed by clicking on the "Order Online" button found on this page.

Clicking on the Order Online button will first bring you to our main Relax Saunas website full of all kinds of videos, user reports, instructions and information. Don't forget to save $100 by entering your "Pia" discount code.

EXACTLY WHY this is the start of one of the best things you can ever choose to do for yourself can also be found in the information revealed throughout Mr. Oxygen’s publications, on,, and on all his 3 Bitchute (short, medium, long) videos. "

"My granddaughter Pia in England is a proud Relax Sauna specialist, and will make everybody happy with her fast, friendly service, and you will simply LOVE the results you can obtain if you follow directions." - MrOxygen.